Board of Directors

Many fine business leaders donate their time to help lead and grow the mission to help the homeless of Broward.  St. Laurence Chapel, Day Center for the Homeless of Broward and Pompano is proud to have these leaders on the Board of Directors bringing their experience and knowledge to our organization.

Lorraine (Lorry) Herdeen - Executive Director


Lorraine (Lorry) Herdeen

Executive Director

Elected Officers


Janice LaVrar


Bob Hageman - Treasurer

Bob Hageman


Deacon Lorna Goodison -Secretary

Deacon Lorna Goodison

Vice President / Secretary


Board Members at Large



Gwyndolyn Clark-Reed

Gwyndolyn Clark-Reed

Florida State Representative

Mary Dent-Maher

Mary Dent-Maher

 Michael Maher

Michael Maher

Robert Damon, Bacardi USA,Senior Director of Logistics

Board Advisors

  • Linda MacLaren, City of Boca Raton, Asst. Attorney
  • Mary Lou Ricker (Retired)
  • Kathy Bass, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Perry T Patterson, 3Deers,  Webmaster / IT


Lonette Avery - Nurse

Lonette Avery -Nurse



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