St. Laurence Chapel Homeless Shelter closed its doors on March 31 but is still searching for a new home. To help contact Executive Director Lorry Herdeen at 954-684-4832. For a limited time, SLC is maintaining an office while looking for a new home.


My dear Friends,

EVICTION is such a nasty word, but one I’m sure that many of our homeless clients know all too well. When served with an eviction notice, I’m sure their hearts sank knowing there is nowhere for them to go but on the streets. Well, I would like to say I can’t imagine how they must have felt but, unfortunately, I can. St. Laurence Chapel Homeless Shelter is being EVICTED and has nowhere to go right now but on the streets.

January 23rd, the Homeless Initiative Partnership of Broward County announced at a public Continuum of Care meeting that both St. Laurence and Broward Outreach Center were being evicted as of April 1st. We were never told beforehand of this EVICTION until our President Janice LaVrar heard it in that meeting.

The EVICTION is to make room for the Broward Partnership to provide services within the whole building.

We are at a crossroads and in crisis as to whether we can survive this transition. We must find a building with low or no rent. If we do not obtain a place for our ministry, it may mean the end of St. Laurence’s 31 years of services to this very needy population.

How can you help? In addition to EVICTING us, they are also terminating our contract for providing overnight services. This funding sustained us for the last year and a half. We will need donations to continue and we need that funding to continue.

In the 5th chapter of Acts, when the Sadduccees Council was persecuting the early Christians one of the members said “I tell you do not take any action against these men, leave them alone. If what they have planned and done are of human origin, it will disappear. But if it comes from God, you cannot possibly defeat them. You could find yourself fighting against God”.

For those of us who believe St. Laurence has been carrying out God’s will for 31 years, we will strive to keep His will going.

With grateful and heavy hearts,

Lorry Herdeen
Executive Director